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Why Wiki

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 Why Wiki?


 Click here for the Google Doc version of the handout, with active links.


Click here to go to definingedtech.pbwiki.com - the play wiki for the class.


Directions for embedding a podcast.



What is a Wiki?


According to Wikipedia:


A wiki (IPA: [wi.kiː] or [wiː.kiː][1]) is a website that allows visitors to add, remove, and edit content.[2] A collaborative technology for organizing information on Web sites, the first wiki (WikiWikiWeb) was developed by Ward Cunningham in the mid-1990s.[3][4] Wikis allow for linking among any number of pages. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for mass collaborative authoring.[5] Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, is probably the best known wiki.[4]

Wikis that are editable by the general public (such as Wikipedia) have been criticized for their reliability, simply because malicious or incompetent individuals may introduce disinformation.[4] Proponents rely on their community of users who can catch malicious content and correct it. Wikis in general make a basic assumption of the goodness of people.[4]


Movie- Wikis in Plain English - From CommonCraft (www.commoncraft.com)


Magazine/Journal Articles About Wikis


Parts of a Wiki 



 Using Wikis in the Classroom




Examples of Students and Teachers Using Wikis



Elementary Wikis


Middle School Wikis


High School Wikis


School Wikis- Wikis being used as a home page for schools, with information for parents.




Professional Resources Wiki


Other Education Wikis







 Setting up your own wiki


 Examples of Wiki Rules



Wiki Tips


Sample Wiki Use Agreement

This sample came from the Teachers First site.


Sample Wiki Warranty.doc 


Getting Students Started


Free Wiki Services

PBWiki- http://pbwiki.com/edu.html


            About PB Wiki.pdf    


            Directions for how to do a lot of HTML-based tricks with your wiki:



WikiSpaces- http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers

                    Introduction to Wikispaces

                    Welcome to WikiSpaces 



 WetPaint- http://www.wetpaint.com/page/education

                 WetPaint Wikis in Plain English Video 

 Copyright Resources


Copyright for Kids- Elementary-friendly site about copyright issues



Copyright Lesson Plan- ReadWriteThink has created a middle school lesson on copyright and plagiarism



Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education- A downloadable guide for teachers




Copyright Quickguide- Well, not really that quick, but factual, with examples and more resources



Fair Use Checklist- a printable checklist to help you determine if  your proposed use is "Fair Use" or not.




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