PowerPoint in the Classroom

PowerPoint in the Classroom



Hilarious movie about how NOT to use PowerPoint (downloaded from TeacherTube)







Resources for learning about Power Point

If you need more information about how to make PowerPoint presentations, check out these online resources.





Rubrics for scoring student PowerPoints 

If you assign PowerPoints to students, try using a rubric to evaluate the final products. Giving students the rubric ahead of time provides guidance as they work.






Templates for PowerPoint presentations

Someone has already done the work for you! Check out these templates to make your life easier!

Templates/ideas http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppttemplates.html

Blank Seasonal Templates http://www.templateready.com/Powerpoint/Free/Templates.html

**A page with examples and templates for a number of activities that go beyond just read the slide outloud


-Several math PowerPoints that you can download and use



Free Sound Effects


PowerPoint Game Templates

You need to add the content, but the structure is already created.



Free PowerPoint Viewer

For computers that don't have PowerPoint installed- this allows you to see, but not modify, PowerPoints.



Need a reminder about your standards? Click here to go to the California Content Standards Page.



Many Uses, One Program

*** When getting students to create a PPT, have them draft/plan beforehand on paper (storyboard).  This keeps them focused and makes time on the computer more productive.  They don't need to write the text, but plan titles and links and content.  It can be as simple as a folded piece of paper, with one box for each slide. You can also provide a structure for students to follow- tell students what needs to be on each slide.***


Social Studies


Create interactive calendars for a topic- For more info http://www.microsoft.com/education/aroundtheworld.mspx  (Template below)


Create a timeline of a person's life in a calendar


Create an interactive map (Template below)


Reports- Here's an outline for a country report presentation- it could be adapted for states or regions- it's fairly detailed and could be a good first project to get kids started using PPT



Create a subject alphabet book (Template below)




Labeling diagrams and linking for non-linear PPT

Periodic Table.ppt 



Create a subject alphabet book (Template below)


Language Arts


Choose your own adventure story


Create a timeline of a person's life in a calendar


Create a story map (Template below)


Graphic Organizers that work well in PowerPoint- these can be a way for students to show their understanding of the story or book.  They are traditional activities, but may be more engaging for students when they can add a little extra flare, such as having the problem appear on the page first, then use an interesting effect to bring in the solution.


Create a class Big Book


Create a patterned book


Templates for seasonal stories



Create word or story problems and put them in a PPT








PowerPoint Templates and Storyboards with Examples




Calendar Template.ppt

Calendar Storyboard.pdf

Holiday Calendar.ppt 



What Would You Do?


What Would You Do Template.ppt

What Would You Do Storyboard.pdf

Example-Napoleon Seizes Power Find Your Fate.ppt*

Example-Gold Rush WWYD.ppt 



Multiple Choice Quiz


TEMPLATE - Multiple Choice Q&A Activity - 10 Question.ppt *

MC Quiz Storyboard.pdf 

MC Quiz Example.ppt 



Interactive Diagram


Interactive Diagram Template.ppt

Interactive Diagram Storyboard.pdf 

Example-  Digestion.pps 




Interactive Map


Interactive Map Template.ppt  

Interactive Map Storyboard.pdf

Example-American Colonies.ppt




20 Questions


 TEMPLATE - 20 Questions.ppt*

20 Questions Storyboard.pdf

20 Questions rocks and minerals.ppt - It's not actually 20 Questions- I ran out of questions! Oops!




Interactive Alphabet


A (Fill in the Blank) Alphabet.ppt 

Alphabet Template.ppt 



*Idea or template courtesy of David Berry and Nathan Gildart of the Japanese American School



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