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Online Safety

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Resources to Use with Students


NetSmartz for Teachers- Resources for educators teaching about cybersafety; includes videos and material; also has student and parent resources.


Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online- A guide from the government


Cyberbullying Research Center- Top ten tips for educators, students, parents; research; and more


Stop Cyberbullying- Age-specific links for information on cyberbullying, and sections for teachers, parents, and students


Web Wise Kids- Information on online and cell phone safety


CyberSmart!- Lessons about online safety, organized by grade level.




Point Smart, Click Safe- Report on best practices for online child safety


Educator's Guide to Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats- A readable report on the topic


CIPA Report- Children's Internet Protection Act


Cyberbullying.org- A Canadian site with many helpful resources about social networking, texting, chatting, and more. 

Truth about Online Predators Report- Myths, realities, and what it means for the public 

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