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Google Earth

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 Google Earth


Google Earth Main Page- Download the program here, download the User Guide, watch videos, and connect to the Google Earth community.

Google Sky Notes


 Google Earth Resources

Google Lit Trips- Take a ride to the home of some of your favorite books
Google Earth for Educators- Geo Education Home- Resources for educators using Google Maps, Earth, Sky, and Sketch-up.
Juicy Geography- focuses on geography, which blends nicely with Google Earth
Google Earth in the Classroom- nice resource, with curriculum ideas at the bottom
Google Earth Lessons Blog- A blog focused on lessons using Google Earth
Quick Guide to Creating Google Earth files
Google Earth Blog- a blog with ideas and new map layers and more!

Some neat KML files that other people have already created!
USGS Google Earth Earthquake files- Many neat files showing past earthquakes with information; perfect for Bay Area students!
Google Earth Showcase- KML files covering all sorts of topics

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