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Effective Web Use for Students

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 Effective Web Use for Students


Effective Web Use for Students.doc - class handout

 Background/Support Reading


What is the theoretical background for "new literacies?"  What are "new literacies?"  What is involved in teaching with the Internet? 




The New Literacies.doc- a succint explanation of what kids need to be able to do online


Asking Good Questions


Why are we sending our students online?  To answer a question!  But this is often one of the more difficult parts to develop.  How do you ask a question that encourages layers of research and thinking?  Here are some tools that might help in developing good questions.  Thanks, CTAP Region 4, for many of these great resources!  (Even more can be found under the "Deep Questioning" link on the "Information Literacy" page.)



Article on asking good questions



Good Searching


How can we teach students to search the Web effectively?  We are always short on time, so what can we do to get our students to use their computer time efficiently?  How can we get students to find pages that provide the information they need?


  • Google Tips and Tricks


  • Google Advanced Searching






 Safe Internet Use






Critical Reading and Evaluation



Organization Tools


  • Google Notebooks

                   Google Notebook FAQ's

             Take a Tour



Information Challenges


Information challenges are a great way to get students to learn and pracice new searching and communication skills and strategies. 

These are challenges I used with my class this year.


Judicial Challenge

Branch Challenge

Judicial Branch Questions (Think about why this was an less useful challenge)

Constitution Challenge

Antioch Curfew Challenge

Plastic Bag Challenge

Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day Challenge II 



These are challenge tools that can help you create your own or see examples. 


Try a challenge- http://teachertheresa.blogspot.com/2007/06/information-challenge.html


Design your own challenge- http://teachertheresa.blogspot.com/2007/06/create-your-own-challenge.html





Bogus Sites  

Bogus sites are an effective way to have students practice their evaluation skills.  Here are some examples of bogus sites that are student friendly.


Burmese Mountain Dog

California Velcro Crop

Dog Island

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Time Travel Fund

Republic of Molossia

Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide  (aka water)

Spaghetti Trees

Male Pregnancy 

Feline Reaction to Bearded Men 


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