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Copyright Resources

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Copyright- Resources for Educators


Fair Use Checklist- A quick list to help you decide if you are within Fair Use guidelines


Code of Best Practices in Fair Use- A more detailed explanation of what qualifies as Fair Use in education


Copyright Alliance Education Foundation- A guide to copyright in the classroom for K-12 teachers; includes a well-organized chart with links to online sites for different subjects and grade levels. (Appears to have a more conservative approach to where the copyright boundaries are.)


Electronic Frontier Foundation- A high school copyright curriculum, with five 1 hour lessons, and all supporting materials; aligned with some History-Social Science standards. (Appears to take a more aggressive approach to copyright boudaries.)


eSchool News article about the differences between the Copyright Alliance and Electronic Frontier Foundation.


7 Things You Should Know About Creative Commons- Creative Commons is becoming more prevalent, and here's an overview of it 


Podcasting Legal Guide- A guide to the rules and regulations for keeping your podcasts legal


Copyright for Kids- Elementary-friendly site about copyright issues



Music Education Copyright Center- Many resources for information on respecting copyright and fair use in the music classroom (and beyond.)


Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers- A chart with an overview of copyright rules in education. 


Copyright and Digital Storytelling- An organized examination of how copyright plays a role in digital storytelling, and how to stay legal.


Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use- Five part article from Education World with more detail about copyright and classrooms


New Rules of Copyright- Article from Tech and Learning magazine

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