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Build a Podcast

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 Build Your Own Podcast


Resources for Building a Podcast


Garage Band- If you run on a Mac platform, I'm told this makes it easy to create podcasts. 


Audacity- Free podcast creating tool.  Be sure to download Lame as well.



Podsafe Music- Be sure to read "the catch" about what you need to do in order to use this free music in your podcast.





See Audacity Handout from class to find more sources of copyright-friendly music.


Podcasting Lesson Plans and Ideas


Podcasting in Class Resources- How tos, including rubrics for scoring podcasts.



Bringing Stories to Life- A lesson about using sound effects to enhance a story.




Podcasting Tips


Tips for Building a Better Podcast 

Building a Better Podcast _ January 2008 _ THE Journal.pdf


Radio WillowWeb's Podcast Planning Guide



Copyright Concerns


Code of Best Practices in Fair Use

From the Center for Social Media


Fair Use Checklist

From the IUPUI


New Rules of Copyright

From TechLearning


Podcasting Legal Guide

From CreativeCommons


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