Beginner Blogging

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 Beginner Blogging


Click here to go to the handout for this class. 

Click here to go to the Build a Blog handout (with the password and login keeper.)


What IS a Blog?


Watch a video- Blogs in Plain English from CommonCraft (www.commoncraft.com)





 Parts of a Blog



Blogging in Class


List of Educational Blogs

          Be sure to check out the sections with Principal and Administrator blogs, as well as classroom blogs. I've listed a few below, but there are TONS!

  •  Top 100 Educational Blogs - more focused on teachers blogging about teaching, rather than examples of teachers using blogs with students 


Literature Response Blogs


Sample Blogging Activities


Blog with an Author


Student Blog Examples



First Grade Blogs 


Second Grade Blogs

  • Still looking!


Third Grade Blogs


Fourth Grade Blogs

Fifth Grade Blogs


Middle School Blogs


High School Blogs




Examples of Educators Blogging


Principal's Blog for a School




Information for Parents

Blogged Newsletters 
















Teacher Blog





Professional Communities Blogs

Teachers Love Smartboards Blog




 Setting up Your Blog



 Things to Consider


 Example of Blog Rules


Encouraging Meaningful Comments


 Blog Hosting Options

            Movie on Using Blogger

  • http://classblogmeister.com/  - created by David Warlick, sort of the guru of Web 2.0 in the classroom; I haven't used it and it appears you need to contact him to create an account; but I have seen many blogs using this.



Other Blogging Bits


Blogging Rules and Regulations FAQs- from the Electronic Frontier Foundation


RSS in Plain English- from CommonCraft.com

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